CV and Scholarship


PhD, Political Science, University of Massachusetts-Amherst  (in progress).

  • Fields: public law, political economy and public health, and law and society.
  • Special research areas: the intersection between poverty, policy, and structural violence; constitutional law and history; political economy and public health, comparative austerity measures

M.S. in Justice, Law, and Society, American University                                                May 2011

  • Concentration: Jurisprudence and Social Thought.
  • Special research areas: The Supreme Court, the Constitution, comparative constitutional law.

M.A. in English, Clark University                                                                              Summer 2007

  • Concentration: British and American literature
  • Special research areas: Literature and politics, Harry Potter, pop culture



Teaching Associate, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

  • Course: Interpretation and Analysis (Junior Year Writing). For this course I developed a combination or academic and non-academic sources, including songs, memes, and movies, to help students gain an appreciation for non-academic political discourse.  We discussed different discursive strategies, methods of knowledge production, and focused on the strategic use of language across multiple rhetorical styles.

Adjunct Faculty, Worcester State University.

  • Courses:  Foundations of Legal Studies, Law-Mageddon: Introduction to Law and Society.

Teaching Assistant, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

  • Courses: Introduction to Legal Studies, Introduction to American Politics, American Politics Through Music, World Politics

Adjunct faculty of English, Worcester State University

  • Courses: English Composition I and II; First Year Seminars.
  • Courses created and taught:  Harry Potter and Social Justice, The Atomic Society: Fear and Nostalgia in the Atomic Age; Literature of Combat; and The Divergent Identity: Popular narratives and dystopian fiction; and “The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth”: The Politics of Science Fiction

Adjunct Professor of English, the United States Naval Academy

  • Courses: Introduction to Rhetoric and Literature I and II.  This series covers short stories, essays, novels, poetry, plays, and the basics of academic writing.

Adjunct faculty of English, George Mason University

  • Courses: English Composition I, and Reading and Writing about Texts.  These function as introduction to writing and literature.

Adjunct faculty of Humanities, Anna Maria College

  • Courses: Critical Thinking and Writing III and IV; Harry Potter and Social Justice; Literary Traditions in English.

Adjunct Faculty of English, Quinsigamond Community College

Teaching Assistant, Clark University


Fellowships and Assistantships

 Research and Writing Grant.  UMass Department of Political Science.  Summer 2018.

Conference Travel Grant.  UMass Department of Political Science.  Summer 2018.

Research Assistantship.  Summer RA award to research and write with a department professor.  Summer 2017.

UMass Amherst, funding scholarship award.  Five-year guaranteed funding.  Fall 2016. 


with Jesse H. Rhodes.  2019.  “The Historical Presidency: Fear and Loathing in Presidential Candidate Rhetoric, 1952–2016.” Presidential Studies Quarterly.  

Book Review: “How to do things with International Law.”  (February 2018).  Law and Politics Book Review 28.1, pgs 4-6.

“What the Green Grass Hides: Denial and Deception in the Suburban Gothic” in Gothic Landscapes: Changing Eras, Changing Cultures, Changing Anxieties Eds. Dr. Sharon R. Yang and Dr. Kathy Healey.  Palgrave, 2016.

“The Chat-Room of Requirement: Fan Fiction and Social Intellectualism.”  Requested for Into the Pensieve: The Harry Potter Generation in Retrospect Eds. Balaka Basu and Emily Lauer, forthcoming

“The Tangled Web of Standardized Test Culture.” Thought and Action, Fall 2008 (135-141).


 Panelist: “Subalterns in the Academe: A Status Conscious view of Dispute Resolution and Rights Claiming by Adjunct Faculty Members.” Law and Society Association, Toronto 2018.

Non-presenting co-author with Jesse H. Rhodes. “Fear and Loathing in Presidential Campaign Rhetoric, 1952-2016.” SPSA 2018.

Presenter: “Raven-Puffs to the Rescue: Can Fan Fiction Save Critical Thinking?” Northeast Modern Languages Association (NeMLA) 2014.

Chair, “Lydia Maria Child: Overlooked Heroine of Social Reform” NeMLA Boston 2009.


Public Scholarship and Writing

“Rebranding the 1950s: Minimalism and the New Happy Homemaker.”  BluntMoms Blog.  January 2019.

“Please Don’t Pathologize My Child’s Bad Behavior.”  BluntMoms Blog.  October 2018.

“The Privilege of Mindful Mothering.”  Scary Mommy blog.  June 2018.

Paradoxes of Power: Towards a Status-Conscious Model of Dispute Resolution.” Law and Society Review Blog, 18 December 2017.